IDI research

Granular analysis of the impact of public policy

We are experts in using the Statistics NZ Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) which is a large research dataset holding microdata about people and households. We have used IDI in many instances to inform public policy and decision making on a range of issues affecting the wellbeing of New Zealanders.

Our analytical team are all accredited IDI researchers and have been involved in several IDI projects. Eilya opened up NZIER’s IDI Datalab in 2019 and trained many IDI researchers.

In 2021, our team’s IDI projects were chosen by Statistics NZ’s as exemplar in two sections, namely project objectives and Māori and communities outcomes. This shows our team’s expertise in identifying and providing clear description of the objectives of research projects and their distributional impacts.

For a list of our IDI research experience click on their names below:

Dr Eilya Torshizian’s IDI research projects

Eugene Isack’s IDI research projects

Dr Milad Maralani’s IDI research projects