Eugene Isack

Senior Economist

Eugene has over a decade experience in the economics and planning consulting and is experienced in data analysis and transport and economic modelling, with specialised skills in geographic information systems (GIS), big data analysis, and is a registered Statistics IDI researcher.

Eugene is a Senior Economist at Principal Economics. Before joining Principal Economics Eugene was an Economist at New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER). Before that, Eugene was an Economist at Property Economics.

Recent publications

  • Principal Economics, 2022. Economic and behavioural policy levers for reducing transport GHG emission. (Work in progress)
  • Principal Economics, 2022. Adaptive decision making in climate and implications for transport investment decisions
  • Principal Economics 2022. Incorporating distributional Impacts in the cost-benefit appraisal framework. Research report for Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Authority
  • Principal Economics 2022. Review of housing and business development assessments. Ministry for the Environment
  • Resource Economics, Principal Economics, Sapere 2021. Reforms to the Resource Management System: an analysis of expected impacts on Māori, the housing market and the natural environment
  • Principal Economics 2021. Drivers of house price growth in New Zealand. Working paper for The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment
  • Torshizian, E. Isack, E. 2020. Fair fare for public transport. Auckland Transport.
  • Torshizian, E. Maralani, M. Isack, E. 2020. Economic impact of research and development in the wine sector. Bragato Research Institute. May 2020.
  • Torshizian, E. Maralani, M. Isack, E. Krieble, T. 2020. Economic impact of Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) investments in Māori economic development. Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). April 2020.
  • Torshizian, E. Leung, C. Maralani, M. Isack, E. Economic impact of Uber Eats. Uber. April 2020.