Social Cost Benefit Analysis Framework

Robust CBA to ensure that decision-makers are aware of all the potential trade-offs

We developed the Social Cost Benefit Framework (SCBAF) for impact evaluation of individual interventions, with a focus on employment assistance (EA) programmes.

Our SCBAF framework provides a comprehensive and robust method for estimating the value of interventions, ensuring consistency of evaluation by making comparisons based on a common standard.

The aim of a CBA is to compare the gains of an activity from the costs of undertaking, and it can serve two particular purposes. One is to identify whether a course of action is worthwhile, in achieving benefits of greater value than the cost of resources used to achieve them. Alternatively, it can be used for comparative analysis to show which of various options achieves the greatest net benefit.

In addition to the benefits identified in a cost benefit analysis, we have a range of tools to assist with the assessment of distribution of impacts across affected parties and wider society, by accounting for financial, economic and wellbeing benefits of your policy/investment.

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